Join the Cube Craze and win the new sexy Torch!

jom join
ada rezeki ada
apa tu the cube
ala cam pics kat bwh ni
web yang ley download lagu

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Have you been Cubed yet? If you have not heard of The Cube, you might like to click here to refresh your memory about all the hoo-hah it caused previously.
…and if that is not enough to spark your memory, this will do the trick!
Pretty sure this shuffling cubeheads video has definitely refreshed your memory by now ;) Perhaps, you might also have came across some of these mysterious-looking cubeheads wandering around in real life. Well, the riddle of The Cube was finally resolved as it was launched with much fanfare at Encorp Strand, Kota Damansara on 15th September 2011.
The Cube is not your everyday three-dimensional square box, but is a newly-launched mobile content portal that provides you the hottest tunes, the freshest and latest buzz, entertaining games and more! You can now get a daily dose of entertainment at the flick of a finger by heading and if you are always on the go, you’ll be updated directly from your mobile device at!
Let’s face it, nothing else could be more awesome than The Cube which makes sure that you stay hip, cool and be updated anytime, anywhere. They say good news always has to be shared, andThe Cube wants you to indulge in a little fun by getting rewarded for spreading the word aboutThe Cube! Exactly how? Simple, remember the contest that was running in our previous blog post? It is now back!
We know a lot of you want to get your hands on the Blackberry Torch 9860, therefore the people at The Cube have generously decided to extend the contest period to 31st October 2011! To win this sexy gadget, all you need to do is to write a blog post about what The Cube is all about, and what your favourite feature about The Cube is.

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