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Rock Your Awk!

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Who hasn't had an awkward moment growing up? Like Jenna Hamilton has shown us in Awkward., it's always the awkward moments that could potentially redefine who you are. And if you have read Holly's Diary, you know our VJ Holly has quite a few hilarious awkward moments herself! Read more about Holly's awkward moments here!

You, too, can rock your awk with us! Simply send us a story or a blog link of your most awkward moment and you could stand a chance to win an iPad and a MTV hoodie!

Remember, it's not that bad to be awkward.
Rock your awk now!

My Awkward Moment Story
it happen when i was in my secondary school . i kinda lucky to study in one of the Elite school in Johore , Malaysia . However , the awkward start when the 90% of the student from high standard family . Which is they are rich student . They only mingle with those in their standard . The awkward start when i have no friends to talk and i bring the cheap school bag . They bring the branded stuff . The funny thing which is i kinda exchange my fake branded bag with them . haha . However , it turn up bad when they realize . they started to tear off my bag . after that , im struggle to save my money to buy the original branded bag . the other story when im kinda a nerdy person who doesn't love sport . then , i need to mingle with the jerk . The best thing they bully me . Then , i started to revenge which i split in their water :p

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